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A booming economy:
the area’s success is a major draw for highly skilled workers. As a result, our population and employment base has grown as twice national average for more than a decade.

An enviable setting:
covering approximately 18,000 square km, the area is around twice the size of San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, with international connectivity within areas of outstanding landscapes, historic towns and university cities.

An Innovation Ecosystem:
economic success with clusters of knowledge-intensive industries and supply chains

Growth Sectors:
High performance technology, next generation vehicles and motorsport, life sciences, digital creative, aerospace.

The area is recognised by the UK Government as a national asset that competes on the world stage and fires Britain’s economy. But, the area’s future success will only be realised with an integrated programme of infrastructure investments, housing and business growth.

In 2017, the UK Government committed investment to increase transport connectivity across the corridor.

The Oxford-Cambridge Corridor partnership comprising government, councils, LEPs, universities and the private sector is working together to create the right conditions for growth.

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